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The elections for the new President-Elect and for one member-elected Board Director position closed yesterday. A third (33%) of iHEA members voted in the election.

The results of the President-Elect vote was as follows:

Winnie Chin-man Yip       280 votes              55.4%
Bruce Hollingsworth           225 votes              44.6%

Six candidates stood in the Board Director elections: Carl Asche; Nicole Au Black; Meltem Daysal; Kara Hanson; Paula Lorgelly; Maia Platt. Given the relatively large number of candidates standing for the member-elected Board Director position, the Board decided that it would be most appropriate to use what is known as the “instant-runoff-voting” system, which allowed members to rank their preferences for candidates, in this case from 1 to 6. If one of the candidates receives more than half of the “rank 1” votes, they would be the winner. If this does not occur, the person with the least “rank 1” votes will be removed from consideration and their votes will be distributed to the remaining candidates according to the “rank 2” preference.

Kara Hanson was elected with 62% of the vote in the final round; she was also the only individual in the first round to achieve more than 100 first-choice votes, with 171 votes. iHEA policy currently is to report the number of (first-choice) votes only for candidates receiving more than 100 votes. This policy is to encourage iHEA members to stand for office.

In parallel to the elections, to implement the governance changes in the revised iHEA Bylaws (see the July newsletter), regional and large national health economics associations were approached to nominate Board Directors and a call was issued for expressions of interest to serve as a Board appointed, early career researcher Director. Nine excellent early career researchers indicated a willingness to serve on the Board; the Board appointed Thorhildur Ólafsdóttir. The association-nominated Directors are as follows:

African Health Economics & Policy Association (AfHEA)          John Ataguba
American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon)                Tony LoSasso
Australian Health Economics Society (AHES)                           Tony Scott
European Health Economics Association (EuHEA)                   Florence Juso

Four more association-nominated Directors will join the iHEA Board in 2019.

The iHEA Board for 2018 (which is now gender balanced!) will therefore be:

Office bearers:

David Bishai                       President
Adam Wagstaff                  Past-President
Winnie Chin-man Yip         President-Elect
Audrey Laporte                  Treasurer


John Ataguba
Ana Balsa
Joanna Coast
Kara Hanson 
Florence Jusot
Don Kenkel
Albert Okunade
Thorhildur Ólafsdóttir
Tony LoSasso
Jui-fen Rachel Lu
Tony Scott
Richard Smith

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